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Patient counselling at the pharmcription is something we strongly believe a pharmacy should offer beyond just filling prescriptions. Customers frequently have questions about their prescriptions but are unsure of who to ask. The Pharmcription is proud of its one-on-one patient counselling services. We can assist with patient counselling. Patient counselling is the process of giving you important knowledge, guidance, and support so you can manage your medications and make sure you take them as prescribed. Important details about the patient’s health and lifestyle are also included. The timing between doses and whether medications should be taken with or without food, in the morning or at bedtime, with water, juice, or milk are all discussed with the patient. The correct use of the medications and their best therapeutic effect are the results of all this information.

Our clinical pharmacists at The Pharmcription have received thorough training in patient counselling to ensure that our customers receive the answers to their questions. As a result, patients are given a lot of information about how to use the medication, including when and how much to take, how long to take it for, and what to do if side effects arise or if a dose is unintentionally missed.

Lack of knowledge of crucial information may cause a patient to administer medication incorrectly, which could have unfavourable effects.

We focus on providing the individual service you won’t find anywhere else.

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.

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Prescription Review by Pharmcription

The definition of prescription review is the process of assessing and standardizing prescription writing and deciding the appropriateness of the clinical use of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the pertinent laws and technical requirements. The procedure seeks to identify current or potential issues in order to develop or implement novel treatments and enhancements for fostering the prudent use of clinical medications. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in the continuous enhancement of medical excellence and the clinical application of medications in hospitals. Moreover, it is a vital tool for enhancing clinical drug therapies at therapeutic doses. However, because there are currently fewer pharmacists than needed, particularly clinical pharmacists in Indian hospitals, prescription reviews are typically done manually once a random sample of prescriptions is chosen.

Prescription Review by Pharmcription

There are numerous issues with this kind of prescription reviews. For instance, the sample size used for analysis is frequently too small to accurately represent all prescription data. Additionally, the disparate knowledge bases make it impossible for pharmacists to meet uniform criteria. The evaluations cannot be intentionally linked to the patients’ prior drug use; therefore, the discovery is limited to some surface-level drug use issues and does not go any further into illogical drug use behaviors. To comply with the Standards for Hospitals Our hospital established a data-driven prescription review model on its own, based on data mining technologies on a constructed system, for prescription reviews. The system is known as, “hospital pharmacy management analysis and decision system”. The model and system altered the prior individual prescription review practices.

In particular, informatics pharmacists and clinical pharmacists were able to create an accurate analysis model of irrational drug use using contemporary information technology. after that, informatics pharmacists used the approach to implement a complete computerized prescription screening process. Once the issue was identified, Clinical pharmacists sought out clinical supervision and validation for rectification. As a result, despite India’s shortage of clinical pharmacists, the approach can promptly analyze complete prescriptions and address the key issues associated with clinically inappropriate drug usage. Following is an introduction to the system’s design and usage.

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