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Nutrition and Dietetics, a subdiscipline of Medicine, is the science that focuses on everything related to food and its effect on our health and overall wellbeing. Nutritionists and dietitians aim to improve people’s health and help them make better dietary choices. Numerous scientific studies have shown that our diet has a big impact on how we feel. Dietary changes can help prevent or control a variety of health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and some cancer and heart Dietetics is the study of how nutrition and food impact human health. The field of dietetics places a high priority on public health and is dedicated to informing all Indians about the value of making healthy food choices and disease risk factors. Dietitian nutritionists use nutrition and food science to help people improve their health.In order to provide patients with care and consultation, nutrition and dietetic technicians collaborate with dietitian nutritionists. General nutrition education may also be given by nutrition and dietetic technicians as well as dietitian nutritionists. Both hold national credentials and are essential members of management teams in the healthcare and foodservice industries.

Dietetics professionals frequently concentrate their efforts on particular groups, locations, or programmes, such as:

1. Creating customised nutritional therapies to address particular health issues like unhealthful weight, diabetes, or hypertension

2. Creating nutrition programmes for all facilities, including those in the healthcare, educational, correctional, and other sectors.

3. Raising public awareness of healthy eating guidelines and requirements

4. Increasing the clarity and understanding of food labels

5. Making sure that our food supply is safe

6. Investigating the health effects of dietary modifications, such as lowering salt intake (by reducing blood pressure)

7. Collaborating with food producers to raise the prepared food industry’s nutritional standards

We firmly believe in science, facts, and you. We believe that having a healthy metabolism is the key to improving everyone’s health. Get a 7-day nutrition plan that is ideal for you, simple to follow, and personalized to your preferences. In order to ensure that you eat the proper things at every meal, our large food database recommends the ideal meal combinations. We can assist you in achieving your health-related goals. There are various vegetarian diet regimens in India, each with its own variations on food pairings. Select the finest plan that suits your preferences after consulting with experienced dieticians. We have a huge database of the ideal meal pairings. Even a Jain food plan for weight loss is available. Choose a plan that you believe may be easily followed to help you reach your fitness objectives.

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