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Rheumatology – Pharmcription

A rheumatologist is a doctor with specialized training in inflammatory (rheumatic) disease.Rheumatologists commonly come to mind when discussing arthritis. They also deal with a wide range of other illnesses, such […]

Pulmonologist – Pharmcription

The medical field of pulmonology, sometimes known as pneumonology, focuses on conditions affecting the respiratory system. The organs that aid in breathing make up the respiratory system. The airway, the […]

Dermatologist – Pharmcription

The study, investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of any medical problems that may affect the skin, hair, nails, and membranes are all included in dermatology. Dermatological Conditions A lot of people […]

Nephrology – Pharmcription

The Department of Nephrology provides services for renal replacement therapy and renal transplantation as well as manages acute and chronic disorders affecting the kidneys. What is the role of nephrology? […]